Past Attendee Spotlight: Shane Timmerman

profileMeet Shane Timmerman! He is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science and Biology at Northeastern University.

“I have friends who had done HackBeanpot in the past and enjoyed it, and friends who were volunteering there. I knew HackBeanpot was this giant hackathon that had this fantastic food and people seemed to have a lot of fun at, so I figured why not, it’d be cool!”

Since Shane arrived late on the second day, he decided he wanted to do a project by himself. Using Python and the Kivy framework, Shane created a desktop application that was similar to Spotify Genius on the mobile app. The application highlights album art and the song’s lyrics, to make for a more exciting experience when listening to Spotify on your desktop.


I had done a little bit of Python in high school and was just starting a co-op in python, but I’d never use the Kivy framework or the spotify API before, so I had to learn all of that. I ended up coming in a little bit late the second day, so I didn’t want to join a group and then not be there for most of it, so I did all of it – front end, back end, everything.”

Even though he was working by himself, Shane coded alongside his other friends who were at HackBeanpot. His favorite part of HackBeanpot was the people there – from the people he was working alongside with to the staff helping run HackBeanpot.

“There was definitely a lot of support and direction, both with the staff and mentors from actual companies. If you wanted to do something and didn’t know how to do it, there was definitely people you could talk to that would help you learn how. HackBeanpot had a lot of people just giving talks about things in computer science that people may want to learn, and I feel like that was really cool because it was so easy to learn and pick up new things.”

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