Organizer Spotlight: Caitlin Wang


Our organizer spotlight this week is Caitlin Wang! Caitlin is a third year at Northeastern University studying Computer Science with a minor in Interaction Design. She was a participant in last year’s event and is now an organizer on the design team.

Caitlin’s team at our 2018 event created a website that generates Instagram captions for uploaded images based on the picture’s content. The project won two awards: PowerAdvocate’s Most Useful for the Everyday and Rough Draft Venture’s Most Entrepre

neurial Hack! On the experience of the hackathon, Caitlin says:

“The best part was everything that was happening along with just building the project. You could choose to hang out in the kitchen area and eat snacks or go to some of the events happening throughout the day. There was so much happening that you could take a break from coding and hang out with people.”

As far as organizing goes, Caitlin hopes to bring a spirit of inclusivity to the event. In her own words:

“In terms of elements to bring to HackBeanpot, I think a big one is inclusivity. To the team that would mean making sure our team is inclusive of everyone’s opinions and perspectives… to the event I think diversity is important for encouraging people who don’t necessarily see themselves at a hackathon to participate and try something new.”

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