Past Attendee Spotlight: Olivia Petrillo

unnamedMeet Olivia Petrillo! She is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science and Biology at Northeastern University. Olivia was a first time hacker who attended HackBeanpot 2018.

“I definitely went in really intimidated and nervous because I didn’t have any friends going. I also didn’t really feel at the same level as people who had been coding for a long time. I went in really scared, but while being there it was actually a really fun and enjoyable learning experience!”

At Hackbeanpot, Olivia met a group of freshman girls who also go to Northeastern. Olivia was on the same team as Kelsey Esposito, a past attendee previously featured on our blog.  Together, their team made Zodihacks, a website that will guess your zodiac sign based on the text you write about how you felt about your day. Their project used an Indico API that takes text and associates it with a Myers-Briggs type, which they used to tell the person’s zodiac sign.


“We all had similar backgrounds from the classes we had taken first semester and second semester. We figured out what other skills and languages we knew and then we kind of just divided it from there and were all trying to learn and figure it out together as we went.”


“We’d used Python and Flask for the main part of the API, and I was working along with another girl to get the API setup and working the way we wanted to. I worked on a lot of that stuff because none of us had really known Python, so it took awhile to set up and get the Flask part working as well. I also learned a lot more Python and Flask which was interesting because I had never really worked with that before. I also learned a lot of team-building skills throughout working with a new group, working under pressure in a timed setting for a hackathon.”

Olivia’s favorite parts of HackBeanpot were the fun events that helped people relax and getting to meet everyone on her team.

“My favorite part was meeting a group of people in the same position as me and becoming friends and learning so much that way. It’s cheesy ,but it’s true.”

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