Organizer Spotlight: Warren Partridge

Our organizer spotlight this week is about Warren Partridge! Warren is a rising junior studying computer science at Boston University. Warren 28277039_1442363812541450_3563106908549040052_nwas a participant in our 2017 and 2018 events and became an organizer this year.

As a hacker, Warren appreciated the unique setup of HackBeanpot as compared to the many other hackathons he had participated in (around 20!).

“HackBeanpot was a really interesting experience that I hadn’t had at hackathons before because there were no team limits. About 10-12 of us just decided to form a super huge BU team and take over an office space. Our project used Indico’s emotion analysis API; it analyzed emotion in tweets over time. People at HackBeanpot were very friendly and I really liked that. Everyone was just really supportive in general, they were really jazzed about what they were doing.”

Warren is a part of the design team on HackBeanpot’s core. He was interested in helping to organize the event based on HackBeanpot’s independence as a hackathon.

I thought it was really cool that HackBeanpot was basically running independent of any school. I’ve never been to a hackathon that is its own separate entity, and I thought that there was so much potential for growth that other hackathons don’t have. It was something I really want to be involved in.”

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