Organizer Spotlight: Rucha Khanolkar

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis week’s spotlight goes out to one of our organizers, Rucha Khanolkar! She is a rising third year at Northeastern studying Computer Science and Interaction Design. Rucha participated in our 2017 event and joined the core team in March 2018.

As a hacker, Rucha worked on a project called CourseOn that helps people schedule their classes for their entire college career.

I think the most intimidating part for me if I’m going to a hackathon is if I’m going without friends. The process for finding a group at HackBeanpot was really fun and welcoming, so I just talked with a couple people and joined the group that had the idea for this project. The mentors that came from different companies were really, really helpful. Even though we didn’t finish the project, I think I got a real introduction into building a website, and the mentors were the main reason we were able to do that.”

Rucha is an organizer on HackBeanpot’s sponsorship team. She values most the friendliness and positivity of the team.

“It’s most important for HackBeanpot’s team to be welcoming and open-minded. A lot of work goes into the event that I didn’t know about when I attended, and it’s good to have a small group of people to work on all this together. It’s really important to be able to reflect ideas off each other.”

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