Why You Should Join SlackBeanpot

If you don’t know what Slack is, are you in for a treat. Slack is the latest revolution in team communication. Whether your team is an actual team working on a project or just a group of friends, Slack is a super powerful and flexible way of communicating. If you attended HackBeanpot in 2016, you may remember joining the HackBeanpot Slack group that was created during the hackathon. This year, just like last year, we’ve taken it to the next level by opening up the Slack early so ticket holders can join, form teams, and get to know each other before the hackathon.

So what should you use the HackBeanpot Slack for? Almost anything*… More specifically, you can join channels (which are subject-specific group chats) to stay updated on the topics of your choice, and also send individual messages to other users in the HackBeanpot Slack.

  • First time hackathoner? Join the Slack, say hello, find a team in #team-building, and then engage in rigorous team-building exercises.
  • Have no clue what you want to make? Brainstorm with your fellow hackathon participants in #ideas.
  • Receive important information and updates about the upcoming hackathon in the #announcements channel.
  • Create a private channel with your teammates so you can collaborate.
  • Need help with a language or a framework? You can use the Slack to find a mentor in #mentors.
  • Need to reach staff? We’ll be available on Slack so you can contact us.

After you’ve gotten a ticket to HackBeanpot, register for our Slack at https://hackbeanpot.slack.com/. Happy hacking!


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