Welcome New Core!

Recap and Shout-outs

Thank you to everyone who came to HackBeanpot 2017. We couldn’t have done it without all the awesome judges, mentors, speakers, and most importantly–the hackers. Over 130 attendees from Northeastern, Berklee, UMass Amherst, Boston University, Harvard, and many more came who spent 20 hours over the course of the weekend building cool projects, attending tech talks, collaborating to learn new skills, and eating fantastic food. Check out some of the projects that were made.

new Core();

We have kick-started organizing HackBeanpot 2018. Meet your new core!


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: As a CS and Experience Design major, I want to make HackBeanpot a place where anyone can feel welcome, engaged and encouraged to get outside their comfort zone. I also am interested in helping demonstrate a stronger brand message across our event promotion efforts and at the event itself.

Strange Talent: I am so ticklish that I can be tickled without being touched (please don’t touch me!).


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018:I want to make HackBeanpot a place for people of all programming levels and of all backgrounds feel welcome and give them an opportunity to make something they’ve always wanted to.

Strange Talent: I have ridiculously loud sneezes.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: I would love for every attendee to create something that they didn’t previously think they were capable of and can proudly show to others. In addition, I hope every hacker leaves HBP 2018 with a greater passion and eagerness to learn more about Computer Science, regardless of their level of experience. And last but not least, to leave the event thinking about what they’ll build next year!

Strange Talent: I can close one eye perfectly without the slightest flinch/squint in the other.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: HackBeanpot was the first hackathon I have attended and I fell in love with the idea of hacking away for two days and seeing what cool things people come up with and can design. I hope that HackBeanpot does the same for all the new hackers at the event and inspires them to try new ideas in CS!

Strange Talent: I can say the alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: HackBeanpot was such a welcoming and fun first hackathon for me, and I want it to continue to be that way for first-time hackers.

Strange Talent: I can play the trombone with my feet.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: Provide a fun, inclusive, and productive hacking experience for diverse hackers from all backgrounds, places, and levels of programming experience! Especially make sure that first-time hackers feel welcome and excited for the weekend!

Strange Talent: I can undoubtedly cure your hiccups.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: I hope that every attendee, regardless of experience, learns something new that makes them even more excited about coding.

Strange Talent: I’ve never met someone with a longer tongue than me.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: I want HBP to be an inclusive and open environment for people of all backgrounds, and somewhere where anyone can pursue their passions and explore anything that interests them.

Strange Talent: I won the Water Olympics at HackBeanpot 2017.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: The core team is filled with such innovative and passionate individuals. I’m psyched to focus on managing how we work together to make organizing HackBeanpot and the event itself as smooth and excellent as possible.

Strange Talent: I can spin a basketball on my finger. I am bad at nearly every other aspect of basketball.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: My dream is for every participant to try something they’ve never done before, and learn something that will help them in the future. I want HackBeanpot to be a great learning experience for people of all levels, but more specifically for people who have never been to a hackathon before.

Strange Talent: I can recite all 50 states in less than 20 seconds.


Vision for HackBeanpot 2018: I want every hacker to leave with the itch to talk their friends’ ears off about this amazing piece of technology they created.

Strange Talent: I can coax anyone to dance.


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